Member Spotlight: DCI Artform

(posted: Feb 20, 2014)

What does your company do?
DCI-Artform is an industry-leading company and has been providing award-winning retail marketing solutions for more than 65 years to an extensive list of global clients. A full-service, integrated firm, DCI-Artform offers a wide range of expertise and decades of experience in retail merchandising and marketing for the automotive, cosmetics, grocery, packaged goods and consumer electronics industries.

What’s new for your company in 2014?
DCI-Artform, a global retail experience company, has announced it now has a new logo, tagline and website. Its tagline, “Retail Redefined,” builds on a platform of shopper marketing and merchandising innovation driven by its proprietary “Retail Science” methodology. The new website can be visited at www.dci-artform.com.

The updated DCI-Artform brand messaging comes on the heels of DCI-Artform officially becoming part of the Marmon Group, a division of Berkshire Hathaway, on January 2, 2014.  It also comes at a time when DCI-Artform is focused on integrating its global presence and attracting the best talent to its offices worldwide.

DCI-Artform, a global leader in retail marketing and merchandising, has extended the application deadline for its InVisionship summer internship program specifically to attract more 3-D and interactive design and development students.  Applications for these roles will be accepted through March 23, 2014 at www.dciartform.com/invisionship.

DCI-Artform, a leading global retail activation company, has upgraded the software for its “CAVE” (computer automatic virtual environment) to provide best-in-class graphic clarity. In addition, the company has hired Senior 3D Digital Modeler and Animation Artist Bill Jacoby to lead ongoing utilization of the CAVE to improve speed to market, consumer concept testing and cost savings for its clients.


What opportunities do you have for Milwaukee creatives?
From sales to design, digital, production, marketing, project management and customer service, every DCI-Artform employee is here for a reason – they’re the best at what they do. We work as a team and sharpen our skills on constant exposure to other team members’ insights and expertise. We inspire each other to excel.

Our work shows it – stunning showrooms, custom merchandising systems and displays, award-winning marketing programs. All of these come out of a shared passion to dramatically improve our clients’ businesses in a diverse environment committed to equal opportunity for all.

Current Openings

·         3D Retail Designer Milwaukee, WI 07/10/2013

·         3D Retail Designer Chicago, IL 02/18/2014

·         InVisionship – Summer Intern Program Milwaukee, WI 10/03/2013

·         Marketing Manager Milwaukee, WI 11/20/2013

·         Mechanical Design Engineer – Retail/POP Milwaukee, WI 08/14/2013

·         Production Manager and Estimator Milwaukee, WI 01/29/2014

·         Senior Financial Analyst Milwaukee, WI 01/31/2014

We strongly believe our people are the greatest asset and we act according to that belief. We embrace our people’s creativity and innovation and provide the latest, cutting-edge tools, worldwide connections and abundant development opportunities to help our people stay at the top of their game. We let nothing stand in the way of ensuring that the best talent turn their best expertise into industry-best results.

And we reward results. We offer a competitive salary and generous benefits to meet the individual needs of our people. We’ll give you a chance to grow professionally, financially and personally as you interact with other top professionals on the job and in opportunities for community involvement.


It’s like an internship, but better! Interns are divided into three competition teams and given real challenges to solve for real companies. They will apply their best critical thinking and creativity to perform research and bring the resulting insights alive, utilizing design and digital capabilities. Interns will have access to our experienced staff of shopper marketing experts. At the end of the 10-week program, the three teams of interns will present their solutions to a panel of retail marketing experts at our international headquarters in Milwaukee

Do you have any upcoming events?
Hoping to plan one with the Creative Alliance!!


Why do you see Milwaukee as a good city for creatives?
Milwaukee is the best combination of work ethic, ingrained ingenuity and thirst for entrepreneurship. It’s a beautiful city where its workforce truly knows how to work hard and play hard

Member Spotlight: BizTimes Media

(posted: Mar 12, 2014)

What does your company do?
We are a media company providing southeastern Wisconsin with business news and best practices through publications, e-newsletters and events. We have several print publications including our bi-weekly magazine, BizTimes Milwaukee, which provides exclusive news, analysis and strategic insights to help executives grow their companies. Our annual publication WisconsinBiz provides resources for businesses to retain top talent and keep business growth in Wisconsin.

Member Spotlight: Jenna Kashou

(posted: Mar 05, 2014)

Jenna is a Milwaukee native and probably a lifer. She vows to leave the country once a year, but appreciate coming home to the comforts this city has to offer.
Jenna specializes in lifestyle, entertainment and arts feature writing, grant writing and copy writing for nonprofits and small businesses.
As a graduate of Marquette University’s digital storytelling program, she

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