Member Spotlight: Jenna Kashou

(posted: Mar 05, 2014)

Jenna is a Milwaukee native and probably a lifer. She vows to leave the country once a year, but appreciate coming home to the comforts this city has to offer.

Jenna specializes in lifestyle, entertainment and arts feature writing, grant writing and copy writing for nonprofits and small businesses.

As a graduate of Marquette University’s digital storytelling program, she is curious and versatile, using photo, video audio and text –  whatever it takes to tell the story best, she’ll dig in and do it

She recently completed a six-month residency at the historic Pfister Hotel where she wrote about and photographed guests and events, unearthing over 50 unique and compelling stories. Learn more about this incredible experience in this Journal Sentinel article.

Learn more about Jenna here.

Member Spotlight: BizTimes Media

(posted: Mar 12, 2014)

What does your company do?
We are a media company providing southeastern Wisconsin with business news and best practices through publications, e-newsletters and events. We have several print publications including our bi-weekly magazine, BizTimes Milwaukee, which provides exclusive news, analysis and strategic insights to help executives grow their companies. Our annual publication WisconsinBiz provides resources for businesses to retain top talent and keep business growth in Wisconsin.

Member Spotlight: DCI Artform

(posted: Feb 20, 2014)

DCI-Artform is an industry-leading company and has been providing award-winning retail marketing solutions for more than 65 years to an extensive list of global clients. A full-service, integrated firm, DCI-Artform offers a wide range of expertise and decades of experience in retail merchandising and marketing for the automotive, cosmetics, grocery, packaged goods and consumer electronics industries

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