Featured Member: Deep River Partners

(posted: May 20, 2014)

What does your company do? 
Deep River Partners, Ltd. specializes in residential design including renovation/ remodeling, new homes, historic renovation and condominium build-outs. Our award winning Architects and Interior Designers provide a holistic design process that produces creative and personalized solutions reflecting our clients’ vision. Our nationally recognized designs have successfully translated clients’ goals and desires into tangible realities. The strength of Deep River Partners is the combination of our creativity, heritage, experience and core values. We’re passionate and serious about living each day as creative, honest, artistic, progressive and spirited professionals. Through the integration of architecture, interiors, lighting, mechanical systems, and product selection, we create environments that encourage people to flourish. Our services include project assessment, architectural and interior design, construction documents, competitive bidding, and construction administration.

What’s new for your company in 2014?
We launched our new website featuring a video of one of our projects as aired on “ Epic Beach Homes” on Destination America, as well as client testimonials and our blog.

What opportunities do you have for Milwaukee creatives?
Design, photography, video, rendering, and marketing

Do you have any upcoming events?
Last week we just hosted a Power House learning credit event on Integrating lighting into architecture.

Why do you see Milwaukee as a good city for creatives?
Quality of neighborhood life, proximity to parks and nature areas, Lake Michigan, urban fabric that is diverse and rich in character

Featured Member: Translator

(posted: Sep 17, 2014)

What does your company do?
Translator is an experience design studio based out of Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. We are thinkers, connectors, and doers and we develop killer brand platforms and experiences. We’re also pretty handy with a Chemex.
What’s new for your company in 2014?
We are excited that the nature of our work continues to organically

Featured Member: Murph’s Original

(posted: Sep 08, 2014)

What does your company do?

In 1966, Kathryn Burke, fondly known as “Murph”, had fresh degrees in dietetics, chemistry and home economics… and a passion to craft unique culinary creations from old irish family recipes.
One of Murph’s first recipes was a wonderful tasting ‘savory sauce’ that she gave to family and friends and sold at specialty

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