Featured Member: City of Milwaukee

(posted: Jul 28, 2014)

What does your organization do?

Milwaukee is a cohesive, talent rich, diverse, safe and economically vibrant community.  It is nationally recognized for its manufacturing, arts, recreation, museums, academic institutions, revitalized lakefront and rivers, beautiful neighborhoods and well-maintained housing. Milwaukee is the economic hub of the southeast region and entire state of Wisconsin, the “Fresh Coast City.”


The mission of city government is to enhance the safety, prosperity and quality of life of all of our citizens by working directly and through partnerships with community stakeholders.


Our vision is a Milwaukee where opportunity is abundant and accessible to all citizens – a Milwaukee where:

·        Neighborhoods are safe, healthy, thriving and culturally rich;

·        Children are empowered with the tools they need to reach their full potential, including a superior education;

·        Citizens have equal access to good family supporting jobs and benefits; and

·        Our environment and economy support and sustain the quality of life for this generation and the next.



What opportunities do you have for Milwaukee creatives?

Check out the Draft Growing Prosperity: An Action Agenda for Economic Development in the City of Milwaukee.  Roughly half of the action items identified will be undertaken by departments within City government; the remaining actions will require creative partnerships with some of the many people, businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations that work in the City of Milwaukee.  Where can you plug in?

·        We have hundreds of opportunities for creatives and others to put their talents to use by setting down roots and contributing to Strong Neighborhoods.

·        Offer up your skills in addressing the community’s critical issues by serving on a board or commission. Learn how and Check for available vacancies.

·        The Milwaukee Arts Board has grant opportunities in support of the performing and visual arts, public art and arts education.

·        Create exceptional design in Milwaukee’s built environment and nominate the best examples for the annual Mayor’s Design Awards.



What’s new for your organization in 2014? Do you have any upcoming events?

Keep updated on the latest city events and news at



Why do you see Milwaukee as a good city for creatives?

The City of Milwaukee recognizes that creativity and innovation will drive its success as a thriving place to live, work and play. It’s been said that Milwaukee’s one big small town, where people often claim one degree of separation. That makes it easier to get involved, easier to make connections, easier to make your idea a reality. Start now.

Member Profile: Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts

(posted: Apr 01, 2014)

What does your company do?
Now in its 12th season, the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary cultural arts center that presents performances by world-renowned artists and ensembles, offers myriad arts education opportunities, and curates an ever-changing art gallery featuring nationally renowned artists. Recognized as one of Southeast Wisconsin’s most important cultural anchors, the Wilson Center has achieved widespread recognition for its eclectic programming featuring internationally acclaimed artists and ensembles

Member Profile: Peck School of the Arts

(posted: Mar 26, 2014)

What does your company do?
The mission of the Peck School of the Arts is to provide the highest quality education and professional training in the arts at the baccalaureate and master’s degree levels. The school is committed to recruiting faculty, staff, and students who reflect the richness and diversity of art-making in a variety of cultures. As the only school of the arts in Wisconsin in a major urban environment, the Peck School of the Arts encourages collaboration with community arts organizations and artists to provide professional experiences for its students

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