Featured Member: Translator

(posted: Sep 17, 2014)

What does your company do?
Translator is an experience design studio based out of Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. We are thinkers, connectors, and doers and we develop killer brand platforms and experiences. We’re also pretty handy with a Chemex.


What’s new for your company in 2014?
We are excited that the nature of our work continues to organically evolve. While strategy and experience design are still at the core, we have been able to use our methodology to do important community transformation work. In addition to our work with Creative Alliance, we are also involved with Marquette’s Project for Community Transformation, and were recently hired to infuse experience design thinking into the collective impact work Living Cities is facilitating across the country. Plus, our own project Islands of Brilliance continues to grow in impact and reputation.


What opportunities do you have for Milwaukee creatives?
Through our Lab programming and other community events, we have created a trusted environment for like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds to connect and have facilitated dialogue that often touches upon the subject of creativity. Additionally, our pilot program, Islands of Brilliance, offers design professionals the chance to mentor children on the Autism Spectrum, creating lasting bonds and teaching valuable creative skills. If you’d like to get involved with this unique and groundbreaking program, contact Kiko DeLorenzo at



Do you have any upcoming events?
Translator hosts community Labs every Thursday from 8-10am, as well as monthly evening Labs. Lab topics are posted on our event calendar.


Why do you see Milwaukee as a good city for creatives?
The Creative Industry is smaller here than, let’s say New York or San Francisco, and with that smaller scale comes the freedom to invite the unexpected. And, while our city has its unique, inherent flaws, there has developed an atmosphere of try and do, that encourages the exploration and application of creativity in a variety of ways. It’s growing bottom up, which can be slow and frustrating at times, but ultimately is required for it to be sustainable. Plus, beer.

Featured Member: Murph’s Original

(posted: Sep 08, 2014)

What does your company do?

In 1966, Kathryn Burke, fondly known as “Murph”, had fresh degrees in dietetics, chemistry and home economics… and a passion to craft unique culinary creations from old irish family recipes.
One of Murph’s first recipes was a wonderful tasting ‘savory sauce’ that she gave to family and friends and sold at specialty

Featured Member: Alliance Française de Milwaukee

(posted: Sep 02, 2014)

What does your company do?
The mission of Alliance Française of Milwaukee is to promote, share and enjoy the culture, language and friendship of the French-speaking world.
La mission de l’Alliance Française de Milwaukee est de promouvoir, partager et savourer la culture, la langue et l’amitié du monde francophone.
The Alliance Française de Milwaukee was founded in 1918

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