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Built environment design is made up of enterprises involved in designing the built environment, including architecture, interior design, and landscape design. The region accounts for a total of 2,970 jobs and an employment concentration less than that of the nation. Workers in environmental design earn an average of $62,000 a year, which is $12,000 more than the average annual earnings per worker for the creative industries in the Milwaukee region.

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Landscape Architect

Full Time Landscape Architect for Small Design Firm

Exhibit Carpenter

Custom cabinet fabrication for museum/tradeshow exhibits

Properties Designers

Properties Designers for next season
Available Space Floor Plan

Creativity Works Here Program Launches

(posted: Jun 07, 2011)

The Creative Alliance and Grand Avenue have partnered to create a new program: Creativity Works Here. Answer our questions on what you'd want in a creative hub in Grand Avenue! Check out pictures and layouts of the space!

Kahler Slater Experience Design Logo 4C Process

Designing the Built Environment: Kahler Slater

(posted: Mar 01, 2011)

Kahler Slater is a firm of integrated creative problem solvers. The firm works with clients who want better experiences and environments for themselves and the people they serve. Begun as an architecture firm 102 years ago with the design of a single dress shop on National Avenue, the firm’s local presence grew over

Workshop Architects

Creative Industries Showcase

(posted: Feb 28, 2011)

We tapped into Milwaukee region's creatives to create custom table centerpieces for a recent event. Each centerpiece demonstrates how that individual or organization generates income--and there are some really interesting stories behind each one!

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