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Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design


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County: Milwaukee 


Who will be the creative leaders our economy demands? Who travels from around the country to attend college in Wisconsin - and remains in our community at a rate of 80%?

Who are consistently preferred for employment across multiple disciplines because of the high quality of their work and their ability to think, create, innovate and lead?

Students attending MIAD, the state's only non-profit, independent college of art and design, which confers the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, the most highly regarded and dually accredited undergraduate degree in the visual arts.

MIAD, founded in 1974 as the successor to the venerated Layton School of Art, offers 11 majors: Industrial (product) Design - a program ranked 10th in the nation - Communication Design, Interior Architecture + Design, Illustration, Time-Based Media, Drawing, Integrated Studio Arts, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Photography and Sculpture.

The college also offers 15 minors and cross-registration with Marquette University. Students take 1/3 of their credits in Liberal Studies, and forge deep connections to the community through MIAD's renowned Service Learning Program Requirement.

MIAD also offers myriad community programs, including Pre-College, Continuing Education, Creative Educators Institute, and gallery programs year round.