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Business leaders Matt Richardson, Jill Morin and James Carlson mingle at a Creative Alliance Milwaukee event

Membership is a mix of:
  • For-profit creative services or products businesses,
  • Nonprofit arts and culture organizations,
  • Sole proprietor creatives,
  • Businesses and individuals that utilize and support the products and services of the creative industries.

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Graphic Designer

We are currently seeking an experienced Graphic Designer to join our Kenosha, WI office on a part-time basis (16–20 hours/week). The position will rep

The Spot 4MKE

(posted: Jun 17, 2015)

What would like to do on The Spot 4MKE: Perform? Vend? Use it for free practice space? Demonstrate a skill or teach a class? All this and more is possible! Click here to learn more and tell us how you'd like to use The Spot

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