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A Focus on Creative Education

We focus significant effort on an area we know interests you: developing creative education as a part of the development of every child, as well as a regional workforce development strategy. Membership helps us devote the resources necessary to put together the research and planning for such a strategy. The Alliance intends for creative education to be its major policy initiative for 2011.

Milwaukee Arts Education Directory

The Creative Alliance and several other community organizations participate in the Bader Arts Education Collaborative, an initiative that brings arts education to underserved youth in the Milwaukee area by connecting artist-educators with schools and youth-serving organizations. The Milwaukee Arts Education Directory, which currently lists more than more than 200 tours, residencies, workshops and after-school programs, and which the Creative Alliance administers, is a key component of this project. The directory is free for artists and arts organizations to post their programs and is available to anyone who wants to find arts programming for their students.




Graphic Designer

We are currently seeking an experienced Graphic Designer to join our Kenosha, WI office on a part-time basis (16–20 hours/week). The position will rep

The Spot 4MKE

(posted: Jun 17, 2015)

What would like to do on The Spot 4MKE: Perform? Vend? Use it for free practice space? Demonstrate a skill or teach a class? All this and more is possible! Click here to learn more and tell us how you'd like to use The Spot

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